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News from Bill Allsopp Photography

Making and using a flare dodger
13th June 2015
Shooting into the light adds drama to an image but often causes flare. A flare dodger is a simple to make and use tool which can cancel out the effects of flare but you do have to make two exposures.

I have two dodgers, one made from a cut down tea-spoon and the other from a length of wire and some Shumi.

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An Outdoor Photographers Mental checklist - WAIST FAFF
06th June 2015
One of the most important things for a photographer to learn is to make a mental checklist of the things to do before each shot AND to run through that checklist before each shot. No one is perfect, I still slip up sometimes, the light is changing, the moment is fleeting and for whatever reason the shot is rushed. It perhaps looks OK on the camera screen at the time but you get home, view it full size and “oh the disappointment!”

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In the garden
15th May 2015
The last few days, after getting back from Scotland, the days have had a fair bit of light cloud. The conditions were far from ideal for landscape photography but the soft even light of these days is ideal for flower photography...

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