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About Bill Allsopp

Passionate about photographing The British Landscape I am out at every opportunity and travel around the country as well as locally. I used to photograph purely in film, both colour and monochrome and have used medium format, rangefinders, DSLR's and now delighted to have adopted the Fuji X system. I can't ever imagine the need to move away from that. Over recent years I have focussed more and more on pictorial work and Infrared. Both help me show the beauty I see in the British Landscape to its best. Please enjoy perusing this website and perhaps find a gem to grace your walls!

Over the years I have won numerous awards and received acceptances in international Salons. These days I rarely enter. I shoot a scene or subject because it is something I like and so, all that matters, is that I like photograph but I do hope you like them too.

Over the years I have come to the understanding that, even for landscape photography, the broad view is often not the best view. The less you include in a frame the more you see of what really matters. That concentration on subject matter is what gives impact to an image. Sometimes however the view in front of one just demands you use all of it.

"My camera is a brush to paint the world."

Bill Allsopp
June 2017

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