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About Bill Allsopp

Through this website I offer prints and canvases for home or office at affordable prices. I specialise in British landscape photography, brighten your rooms with a stunning picture!

Passionate about photographing The British Landscape I am out at every opportunity and travel around the country as well as locally. "My camera is a brush to paint the world."

At about six years old I was bought a box camera though quite who bought it or why it was felt I would like such a present I have no idea; but presumably it was my parents. I progressed eventually to 35mm film, initially black and white which I would develop and print in the bathroom with trays etc. set up on a board over the bath and the window blacked out with another board. This progressed to slide film, medium format (oh how I loved those Pentax 6x7 slides, yet another great camera I should have kept) and on into marriage and kids.

At this point photography began to take up less of my time as the girls took up more. “Daddy, come on!” was the cry when I wanted to wait for the light. Nevertheless a darkroom appeared in the attic and I even gained the interest of my eldest who used to love watching the image appear on the paper. A mid-life passion for sports and vintage cars took hold but after a very brief period of competition I just went to watch the racing and quickly entered the digital photography age and went to watch and photograph the events, supplying images amongst others, to Motorsport Magazine, and the VSCC. After about five years of this I felt it was becoming stale and the landscape called me back. This is where I belong.


Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) 1996 (and I’ve been meaning to go for the associateship ever since)

Leicestershire and Rutland Life Photographer of the Year 2009

Colour Barnack Trophy 2011

Oscar Barnack Trophy 2012

Leica Society Impact Trophy 2012

Appointed as a British Photography Awards Ambassador 2017

Included in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book and exhibition twice and in the Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 10 which features all the winning and commended entries

Acceptances in numerous International Salons

Bill Allsopp
June 2017

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