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Lightroom Colour Range / Luminance Range adjustments using range mask.

16th December 2017
I have just upgraded to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 which has incorporated two major improvements.

First there is the “Auto” edit function. This has been massively improved over the old version; Adobe say they have incorporated Adobe Sensei technology which analyses an image and then compares it to one of thousands of professionally edited images in its database and then uses that information to create a better adjustment for the image being edited. Well whatever they have done it works. The basic adjustment with “Auto” is much better than the old function. If like me you are determined to get the very best from an image you will still need to do some more work but at least the starting point is better.

This function is also sensitive to the size of the image so if you crop a picture it will make the adjustment based on what remains and not the whole (providing you press the Auto button again).

To me much more valuable is the Colour/Luminance range adjustment.

This allows significant adjustments to both colour and tonality using the new range mask feature. This allows subtle or more significant adjustments to selected tones or colours; it works superbly and I shall certainly be making use of it in future edits.

Here is an example of what is possible in just a few moment

not that I am suggesting either you or I will take it that far, just to highlight the possibilities.

To see the tool in action see Julianne Kost’s work-through for Adobe on YouTune at You will see it is now possible to easily darken a sky without darkening trees in the area. That could be an annoyance in the past and the new rage mask feature deals with the problem much better than, for example, editing particular tomes in a gradient.

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