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Making and using a flare dodger

13th June 2015
Shooting into the light adds drama to an image but often causes flare. A flare dodger is a simple to make and use tool which can cancel out the effects of flare.

I have two dodgers, one made from a cut down tea-spoon and the other from a length of wire and some Shumi. I keep one in the Fuji bag and one in the Canon bag so I am never without one. What you are looking to create is a solid disc to place between the sun and your lens so that the image is not affected by flare.

A flare dodger made out of a cheap metal teaspoon filed down to size. Make sure there are no rough edges in case you touch the front element or filter- you do not want to scratch it.

Making a flare dodger, a piece of garden wire cut to length and the ends flattened then dented to make a secure grip for the Sugru.

The Sugru formed into discs and placed on the ends of the wire - I put one on each end so I would have a good grip and a reserve in case one did get knocked off. The pliers are to hold the whole assembly off the surface until it is dry.

Hold the disc just in front of the lens and use the cameras live-view screen to make sure it is positioned correctly. Do Not look through the viewfinder if you are shooting into the sun; you can permanently damage your eyes.

The disc and the stick it is on will of course appear on the image so you take another picture without the dodger and blend in the sun and sky from the second shot with the rest of image one. Hey presto – no flare and a perfect image!

Flare from shooting into the sun.

Here I am using my finger to prevent flare but a dodger is easier to use and control and there is less risk of joggling the camera out of position.

The two images bended for the finished result.

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