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Normanton church

Normanton church - Monochrome
Normanton Park was a seat of the Earls of Ancaster and an important centre of their estates. In the 18th century the village was cleared to make a park for the estate of the Heathcote family with the population mainly re-housed in Empingham.
In the 1970s much of the parish was flooded by the construction of the Rutland Water reservoir.

Normanton Church at Rutland Water, built between the years 1826-9,
was the private chapel to the Normanton Estate and was formally known as St Matthews Church.
St Matthew's Church was to have been demolished but following an outcry, an embankment was built around the church leaving it a prominent feature on the water's edge. The structure now houses a museum of the history of Rutland Water.

Swithland Boathouse

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