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Return visit to Ratcliffe

08th April 2015
Landscape photography is never predictable; if you want to be able to pick up a camera, press the button and get a perfect picture every time you had better stay in the studio. The only element of control you have in landscape photography is in deciding whether you want to be out there with a chance or stay at home. And, if you stay at home you can bet your life you will regret it nine times out of ten.

So yet again it's a five o'clock rise and out of the house by twenty past. The forecast was promising and I hoped to get the shot I had planned for two days earlier but which had not quite worked out due to persistent fog. As I neared the chosen destination I saw an opportunity and despite my wish to press on to the same spot as before thought it would be foolish not to take some shots when a gift was being offered.

Now normally I loathe and detest transmission towers; their lattice forms and attendant cables sprawl across out beautiful landscape like invading Martians just waiting for the chance to wipe us out. As it was the view was from directly beneath the cable and the hiss and crackle of 400,000 volts on a damp, slightly misty, morning added to the feeling that a green death ray would soon spill out.

With a few shots on the card I pressed on the last mile or so and was glad to have stopped. The mist was much more prevalent as I got lower down and nearer to the river a bank of cloud hung stubbornly over Gotham Hill Wood in the distance and the nearest the sun came to breaking through was a half disc for thirty seconds at best.

Not the light I hoped for but nonetheless a few more good shots in the bag and although, once again, the light was not quite what I hoped for I had a very enjoyable start to the working day and ten good shots to show for it.


Photo comment By Julie: Hey Bill ... wow! Fantastic pics .. I'm with you on those towers, but they pop against the sky.
Photo comment By lee: Got you on RSS feed - thanks for your help I've never worked it out before and once you know it really is so simple. And those colours, definitely worth listening to your inner self.

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