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From time to time I give talks to photographic societies and other organisations including U3A groups. These are illustrated by projected digital images (PDI) for which the club must provide the digital projector; the following talks are currently available;

British Landscapes in colour and mono - an evening's tour around Britain, get your juices flowing for trips to the beautiful areas offered by our country. Lots of tips on techniques for landscape photography; hopefully we will all learn something.

Light is Everything - pdi talk which starts off looking at the work of Belgian pictorialist Leonard Missonne who said "Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing; light is everything." We then go on to look at many different kinds of light and hopefully see there is no such thing as 'bad light'. This talk is designed to make relative beginners in photography think about the ways light can be used to enhance their photographs and introduce some mood be it restful or dramatic.

Basics A short talk aimed at newcomers to photography on some basics of taking photographs, very suited to organisations such as the U3A and newer members of camera clubs. This is followed up by Birds, Blokes, Blooms and Britain a selection of my images covering bird photography, street and portrait, flowers and a few British Landscapes.

Adobe Lightroom demonstration This is a projected demonstration of working with Lightroom, which I have been using since the pre-sale Beta release in 2006. Talk can be customised to deal equally with Import/Library and Development functions or concentrate on the Development side.

* NEW * Urban photography - pdi talk looking at cityscapes, architecture, street photography; in fact pretty much all the opportunities that exist in built up areas.

* NEW * Flat but not boring - pdi A photo tour of East Anglia

Infrared Monochrome Photography - pdi talk about Infrared Landscape Photography for which I use a converted Fuji camera although pretty much any camera will do. This talk is under construction and will be available from January 2019 and possibly earlier. If you are a club programme secretary and would like to discuss it with me please get in touch.

Talks to photography clubs are charged at PAGB rates, others by agreement. I will normally travel only 30 to 40 miles and during the period November to February inclusive. Longer trips may be possible April to October by agreement. 

I bring the talk on a MacBook Pro and present the talks through Keynote. Clubs must provide a digital projector with cables/adapter to suit the MacBook output - preferably HDMI or Thunderbolt.

Photo Club Programme secretaries please note:
Please post or email written confirmation on the recommended PAGB form which confirms all the details needed, without which the talk will not happen! You have been warned!
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Comments from Clubs:

Received January 2018 following a Basics talk to a U3A group.

Hi Bill

Many thanks for your inspirational talk. I think I can speak for everyone in saying how enjoyable it was, I trust you enjoyed it too. I just hope we can get our members to be a bit more adventurous now!

If you have a different talk perhaps we can organise something for later in the year.

Once again, thank you very much


Business Secretary
West Leicestershire U3A

Received January 2018 following a demonstration of Adobe Lightroom

Hi Bill,
As WPS Programme Secretary please allow me to thank you so very much for your presentation last night.
Everything you covered was carried out in a measured and precise way which can perhaps be best described as ‘bite size chunks’.
Your bite sized delivery method made the understanding of the various features at lot easier to grasp for those of us who may only have limited knowledge of Lightroom and will hopefully spur us on to try it for ourselves.
I was particularly impressed with the way you handled questions from the floor as, from a learner’s perspective, was really useful for everyone present.
Speaking for myself, I subscribe to Adobe which gives me both Lightroom and Photoshop but I’m afraid to say I’ve always been a little afraid of Lightroom as I’ve been using Photoshop for donkey’s years and am well used to it.
However, following your talk last night, I’m determined to ‘get into’ Lightroom as a companion piece of photo editing software to Photoshop.
Finally, it was a pleasure to meet your daughter and I trust she has consigned your errant mouse to the dustbin (as she told me she was going to) and you’ll have a replacement very soon.
Thanks again Bill.
Kind regards,

Received December 2017 following a "Light is Everything" talk.

Hi Bill,

Your talk went down very well last night, with lots of tips and suggestions for us all to take away and digest. I was surprised how much I enjoyed seeing Missonne’s bromoils. As I said, considering how old they were, he must have been a dam good photographer. (Wouldn’t be surprised if he were a good painter too.)

Anyway, many thanks again and a happy Xmas to you and yours,
Received November 2017 following a British Landscapes talk.

Hi Bill,
Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed your Lecture at Nuneaton PS last night. You delivered it just right for us and we were amazed at the quality of your work. We had very positive feedback from all of our members (even a couple of members who normally only stop for the first half stayed all the way though and that is a first for us).
Thanks for giving us an excellent and professional Lecture.
Received December 2015 following a British Landscapes talk.
Hello Bill,
As I drove home last, I thought I must send you a note of thanks, for a thoroughly entertaining and
inspirational evening. Well, it seems my friends and colleagues have done the job for me! It's only 10:00 am
and already I've had a flood of emails saying how much they enjoyed your talk.
Here are some of the comments:-
"I don't think I shall become a landscape photographer any time soon (already too many
camper vans on the road) but what a refreshing view on photography shown by Bill last
night. He seemed to confront and break all the conventions to great effect. Also what a
genuinely nice guy he was."
"Bill is an engaging speaker with a refreshing attitude to his photography.
His images were pretty good too!!"
"Completely agree that he was an excellent choice of speaker. Some stunning images, all
from the UK, and within reach of all of us."
I couldn't have put it better myself.
So, thank you very much - from all of us at Stratford Photo Group - and I wish you and your
wife a very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. I hope 2016 presents you with many
more opportunities to produce beautiful photographs.
Thanks and Best Regards,

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