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Three Bridges, four points.

25th November 2017
I was a bit late going out this afternoon and at the first location I went to the sun dipped behind a hill and trees almost as soon as I arrived. I hopped back in my van and went off down the lanes around the "Stones"; a collection of nearby villages whose names all end with stone. Just got the one shot before the sun fell behind trees and the light went.

I saw a delightful scene where the last rays of the sun were illuminating a bridge and lone tree so I stopped and get the camera out but by the time I was set up the sun had already dropped behind trees and my intended subject was no longer in sun. What was left however turned out to make probably a better than the one I had seen as I drove along.

The points I am seeking to make are;

* Don't rush landscape photography,
allow time to reach your destination,
select views and viewpoints but,

* Do go out at every opportunity you get.

* It is better to walk round an area than drive
because with the latter one can miss so much.

* Light can change very quickly and
the photographer should give himself time
to make ready for this.

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