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Why do I keep a notebook about my photography?

04th July 2017
Firstly, and to explain, what is my notebook? It started out as a simple record of locations - nothing more. When I got back I wanted to be certain as to where a picture was taken so I had accurate information to submit to a picture library as well as for my own knowledge. I have no need to record exposure detail and such as that is all contained within the exif the camera produces. Nor do I record what filters I used; information not so recorded. Personally I cannot see the point since it will not help me take the next photo as location and / or light will be different.

So originally the notes were just a record of location. They have since expanded to include general information about my trips. That is nice to look back on but useful? No, though I did recently rediscover the first short poem I wrote back in 2012.

I will always keep a note of location. I could dispense with pen and paper now I have a smartphone with GPS a photograph taken with that alongside each location I visit would be an accurate record. But there is something about a written notebook I can refer back to.

We’ll see how this progresses.

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